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Please ask if you have any questions about allergens or the ingredients used in our products.

Our menu is 100% palm oil free.


Sausagy rolls (6 per batch) – £20

(Homemade almond cheese combined with oats, nuts, herbs and seeds, wrapped in handmade rough puff pastry topped with sesame seeds.) *wheat, nuts, soya, sesame*

Spinach & ricotta style rolls (6 per batch) – £20

(Homemade vegan ricotta combined with parsley, onion & spinach, wrapped in homemade rough puff pastry.) *wheat, nuts, soya*

Walnut & lentil wellingtons (6 per batch) – £20

(A combination of walnuts, chickpeas, cranberries, oats and lentils. Topped with mushroom duxelles, wrapped in a homemade rough-puff wellington.) *wheat, nuts, soya*

Pizzaccia with potato, rosemary & sea salt (6 per batch) – £20

(Focaccia dough topped with homemade cashew garlic cream, potato, rosemary, sea salt & olive oil.) *wheat, nuts, mustard*

Vegan cheese & ham croissants (6 per batch) – £24

(Homemade croissant filled with vegan cheese and ham.) *wheat*

Pesto pizza buns (6 per batch) – £20

(Homemade walnut pesto, fresh and sun-dried tomatoes, olives & vegan cheese in a multi seed dough.) *wheat, nuts*

Chikn & vegetable pies (6 per batch) – £24

(Marinated organic soya pieces w/ lemon, garlic, parsley, rosemary & thyme in béchamel sauce in a homemade pastry crust.) *wheat, soya, mustard*

Mushroom, nut & lentil pies (6 per batch) – £24

(In a rich miso gravy in a homemade pastry crust.) *wheat, soya, mustard*

Spiced chickpea & scrambled tofu pasty (6 per batch) – £20

(With seasonal vegetables in a homemade rough puff pastry.) *wheat, soya, mustard*

Mushroom, spinach, basil & tomato tart (gluten free) (8 inch/slices) – £28

(In a homemade gf case.) *nuts, soya*

Multi-seed bagels (8 per batch). – £20

(Handmade traditional style bagels poached and baked, covered in pumpkin, sunflower, flax, poppy & sesame seeds, perfect for slicing and toasting.) *wheat, sesame*


Cinnamon buns (6 per batch) – £20

(Sweetened organic dough filled with cinnamon caramel and pecan nuts, iced in a sugar glaze.) *wheat, nuts*

Nutella buns (6 per batch) – £20

(Sweetened organic dough filled with homemade Nutella and dark chocolate, iced in a sugar glaze.) *wheat, nuts, soya*

Pain au chocolat (6 per batch) – £20

(Sweetened organic dough hand laminated with vegan butter, filled with dark chocolate.) *wheat, soya*

Plain croissants (6 per batch) – £18

(Sweetened organic dough hand laminated with vegan butter) *wheat*

Almond croissants (6 per batch) – £24

Sweetened organic dough hand laminated with vegan butter, filled with homemade almond frangipane, topped with flaked almonds and icing sugar.) *wheat, nuts*

Chocolate orange krantz loaf cake (8 inch/ slices per loaf) – £25

(Adapted from Ottolenghi’s Krantz Cake recipe. This enriched dough is braided with dark chocolate and orange to create a beautiful cake perfect for slicing and eating hot or cold.) *wheat, soya*

Chocolate fudge/hazelnut brownies (gluten free) (8 per batch) – £25

(With raw cacao, dark chocolate chips, dates and organic coconut oil.) *soya, nuts if applicable*

Bakewell slice (6 per batch) – £20

(A homemade sweet pastry case with raspberry jam and almond frangipane filling.  Topped with flaked almonds and icing drizzle.) *wheat, nuts*

Pecan pie truffles (40 per batch) – £45

(A box of handcrafted truffles made with homemade pastry, sweet pecans and golden syrup covered in rich dark chocolate. Even better served from the fridge or freezer.) *wheat, nuts, soya*


(all available gluten free )

(allergens may vary) *wheat, nuts, peanuts, soya*

8 inch Loaf cakes  – £26 (these flavours also available as 8/10inch round layer cakes)

Lemon drizzle

Banana, date & chocolate

Carrot & walnut

Round layer cakes 8 inch or 10 inch – £40/£50

Double chocolate

Chocolate hazelnut

Chocolate orange

Chocolate peanut butter

Coffee & walnut

Victoria Sponge


Cupcakes in any flavour above (6 per batch) – £18

Baked Donuts (vanilla w/ various toppings) (6 per batch) – £18


Allergens are highlighted. Please ask if you have any questions about allergens or the ingredients we use in our kitchen.

Please note that our kitchen handles wheat, nuts, peanuts, sesame, celery, mustard, soya and sulphites. If you have food allergies or intolerances, please be aware we cannot guarantee no cross-contamination.